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Cardinal Demolition - Since 1956

Cardinal Demolition is the leading provider of commercial and industrial demolition, environmental abatement services in the greater Louisville, KY area. 


Demolition & Wrecking Contractor

Historic Preservation

Selectively demolishing historically significant structures requires detailed planning, execution and knowledge of building materials – Cardinal can deliver.

Selective Demolition

We offer complete demolition and wrecking services for government, commercial, institutional, and industrial jobs.

Environmental Remediation & Abatement


Asbestos, Lead & Mercury Removal

Older structures often have lead, asbestos, mercury or mold. Our certified specialists will safely remove and dispose of these hazardous materials and prepare it for new construction or your occupants.


Reclaim & Salvage Materials

Steel, shingles, brick and old growth wood are common materials. Our team of specialists will identify the reusable items to be recycled and nonrecyclable items to be transported to landfills. 


History of Cardinal Demolition

Since 1956 we have serviced the Kentuckiana area and beyond. Learn more about our history.


Demolition Education

We pride ourselves on educating the customer before, during and after the demolition process. 


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When it comes to demolition jobs we’ve seen and done it all. Call us to get the process started.